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go! 2015:01 ~1h15m

Trying something new here.

Each week, for a little while at least, we’ll be posting a ‘curated’ playlist of videos from the internet   to add to your arsenal of entertainment. The playlists are intended to   help pass the time while riding   bicycles inside.  The videos are basically hand picked  from the videos we’ve watched, while training inside, but weeding out the ones that totally sucked…

They are mostly about cycling.. perhaps with a few wild cards mixed in.

We’re  thinking we’ll post them up each week on Sunday afternoon, so that y’all can have them to use during the week as needed.

Let us know what you think, what you like, dislike, or if you have other videos that you think we should check out!

2015 NYSBRA Calendar & NY State Championships

Straight from the NYSBRA email! Get ready for 2015 bicycle racing on the roads!

Next year’s NYSBRA road race schedule is nearly final:

Once finalized at the annual meeting, NYSBRA Secretary Tom Weichmann will populate the Google road race shared public Calendar, which you can view from any of your devices simply by adding the calendar to your own (instructions at the link above!).

NYSBRA is also proud to announce the 2015 NYSBRA State Championships

  • Road Race – will be hosted by Century Road Club Association (CRCA) at the Bear Mountain Spring Classic, Bear Mountain, May 10th
  • Criterium – will be hosted by Jeff Poulin of Tioga Velo Club at the Chris Thater Memorial Criterium, Binghamton, Aug 22-23
  • Time Trial- will be hosted by Susan Hudson of Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club (MHBC) at Lake Delta in Rome, Aug 30th

get cookin’ !

I’m sure we all long to wander across the world and explore the nooks and crannies of the far stretches of earth, perhaps by bicycle… Silly norms, limited resources and such always seem to stand in the way.. Well the internets shared one little trick to make light weight meandering explorative nomadic life a little more within reach..

If 10,000 people read this blog post I hope at least 1 to 3 of them become nomadic homeless people who could crush a cat1/pro cyclist at the drop of a hat in a 100mi race. Maybe that number is to high, if 10 people read this post I hope still at least 1 person grows a serious raggedy beard, gradually covers themselves in road grime for a minimum of 3 years, whilst growing quads that could resemble an assortment of gallon jugs smuggled in the legs of a lycra race kit (if they should ever decide to wear such a sparkly impractical outfit).