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Tim Johnson is the Man

This interview with Tim Johnson from Manual for Speed is great, he talks about how he got into riding bikes, and the difference between riding for a job, and riding because you love to ride. Tim is from a couple towns over from where I’m from in Massachusetts, and I ride a lot of the same roads/trails as him. This summer I tried my best to run into him on those roads, but was never lucky enough. Would loved to share some pulls with him on the quiet roads of the North Shore!

Return from Worlds

It’s great to be back in CNY. I am still pumped over the whole experience at the 70.3 World Championship. My hopeful goal was a top ten finish. To finish 6th in a great field and tough conditions is a great feeling. The amazing thing about an event like this is the after effect of “what next”. To prepare so hard and have great results is great. But it leaves you wanting more challenges and high level competition. So I will enjoy the great feeling now and scan the endurance world for another monster hill to climb soon. B

Crunch Time

In the Tully valley a little taste of the price to be paid. 88 degrees as I leave the truck. Pushing hard to get to Solvay Rd. faster than usual. Then the heat really kicks in. But the reality also is there is ten weeks till the Big Dance. Head up , shoulders back, dig in and work!
Swam with the Masters this morning. Tomorrow ride the Mussellman 70.3 bike course. Yea baby, B