GOBBLECROSS viii, 2018


Great to see everyone! Way to make great fun of the chilly day.

See and share some photos from the morning on the facebook event page.

Here is a little button if you still need to send $$ for this years Art Tee, designed by @RHADZOR.


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Race  Details:

We will be riding bicycles and having fun.

Fill out the 2018  ‘pre-reg’ form  to help us get an idea on number of rider for each field category, shirts and such.

*itinerary below is not yet 100% set in stone, but is a good guide of what to expect. At 10am the first race will roll out, whooping and hollerin’ in delight.

8:30 – 9:45am
: : : final course prep
: : : sign in, open course for preview
: : : free race entry if you bicycle commute to the race
: : : free race entry in exchange for snowmobile grooming services

: : : “B” means fun! no stress allowed

: : : “A” means a little faster, a little longer, a little more grueling, a little more zooming

B (30-45 min)
A (45-60 min)
:: Riders are welcome to participate in both races, A + B, however, the B race is designed to be fun. So if you are racing both.. don’t bring your A game to the B race. Be friendly in the turns and tricky sections, be polite, laugh, joke, and don’t take anything too seriously… same rules as the Gobblecross A race really.
:: Podiums / Prizes are awarded after both races have concluded, if a rider places in the A race, they will not be awarded prizes for the B race, and those prizes will roll down to the winning B racers.

after the races
: : : results tallying & congratulations
: : : potluck leftovers table! ( all welcome to bring / enjoy )
: : : duel against the clock, fastest lap contest?
: : : fluid replenishment, prizes
: : : open course for leisure riding / trying out ‘cross

after all that
: : : course tear down
: : : did we mention the potluck leftover table? how bout  the beer sponsor?
: : : go home, take a nap?
: : : Dirty Dozen hill climbs?

Here is the link to the 2018 ‘Pre-Reg Form’

2018 GOBBLECROSS Facebook Event Page

Work hard, have fun!