GOBBLECROSS viii, 2018

Race  Details:

We will be riding bicycles and having fun.

Fill out the 2018  ‘pre-reg’ form  to help us get an idea on number of rider for each field category, shirts and such.

*itinerary below is not yet 100% set in stone, but is a good guide of what to expect. At 10am the first race will roll out, whooping and hollerin’ in delight.

8:30 – 9:45am
: : : final course prep
: : : sign in, open course for preview
: : : free race entry if you bicycle commute to the race
: : : free race entry in exchange for snowmobile grooming services

: : : “B” means fun! no stress allowed

: : : “A” means a little faster, a little longer, a little more grueling, a little more zooming

B (30-45 min)
A (45-60 min)
:: Riders are welcome to participate in both races, A + B, however, the B race is designed to be fun. So if you are racing both.. don’t bring your A game to the B race. Be friendly in the turns and tricky sections, be polite, laugh, joke, and don’t take anything too seriously… same rules as the Gobblecross A race really.
:: Podiums / Prizes are awarded after both races have concluded, if a rider places in the A race, they will not be awarded prizes for the B race, and those prizes will roll down to the winning B racers.

after the races
: : : results tallying & congratulations
: : : potluck leftovers table! ( all welcome to bring / enjoy )
: : : duel against the clock, fastest lap contest?
: : : fluid replenishment, prizes
: : : open course for leisure riding / trying out ‘cross

after all that
: : : course tear down
: : : did we mention the potluck leftover table? how bout  the beer sponsor?
: : : go home, take a nap?
: : : Dirty Dozen hill climbs?

Here is the link to the 2018 ‘Pre-Reg Form’

2018 GOBBLECROSS Facebook Event Page

Work hard, have fun!