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cyclocross ‘birds’

I did a bird print rocking out on a bicycle extremely similar to that of my cx frankenbike… Check it!

and who could go on with out knowing there is a bird that slightly resembles the flash…

The prints a new for the show in Pittsburgh this saturday at Mr. Smalls Theatre. See the rest of the beaks in form of the sneak peek.

Ommegang CX

So this past weekend was Cyclocross at Ommegang. It was a delicious time. I’m still a bit sore, a good sore, that you know you worked hard and had fun kinda sore.

So the BTB cast for the weekend consisted of Daniel Fitzgibbons, Wes, and myself. Accompanied by crew members Sarah and Marcus on mountain bikes monitoring the perimeter and guarding the vehicles.

Dan Finished up in 2nd place in the Citizens/Cat 4 race, and came back with a solid attempt in the Cat 3/4.

Wes was in the top ten for most of the race until he dropped his chain and lost some time and places there. He came back in the Cat 3/4 race, where his chain decided that was it as he was shouldering the bike over the barriers and came apart.

Yes, ^ that is the moment of impact which broke wes’ chain.

I was pumped for the singlespeed race. Thought I would see what it was like racing against similarly impaired bicycles to the frankenbike… These guys .. and their bicycles are sick. Disc brakes, handle bars designed for racing, very solid competition. It was a blast, until my chain also decided it had had enough, and after a couple little creaking noises I looked down to watch it break and next thing I know it has vanished. Still missing to this day.

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