The day after Thanksgiving…

Friday, 11/29/13 : third annual GOBBLECROSS!!!

2665 O’Connell Road
LaFayette NY 13084

→ “pre-reg” form

→ who’s reg’d so far

8:30am – 9:30am
: : : sign in, open course for preview
: : : free race entry if you bicycle commute to the race

10am – 11am
: : : GOBBLECROSS 2013 !!!

11am – noon
: : : results tallying & congratulatings
: : : potluck leftovers table
: : : duel against the clock, fastest lap contest, tie breakers
: : : fluid replenishment, prizes
: : : open course for leisure riding

noon – ?
: : : go home, take a nap?
: : : course tear down?
: : : more fluid replacement, feel free to hang out
: : : potluck leftover table? support the beer sponsor?
: : : get ready for the Dirty Dozen ?

^ ^ ^
this schedule is tentative and more details will be posted as the event approaches, it may change a tiny bit… the race WILL start at 10ish, and we WILL be done before noon for sure.

depending on interest we will also be heading down to the Dirty Dozen in Pittsburgh, PA the following day.. caravan / car pooling maybe fun

^ ^ ^

The limited edition custom GOBBLECROSS original art tee’s, crafted in Syracuse, printed and ready for 2013. Though, due to the forces of nature, BTB Staff met and came to a democratic decision to cancel the main competition. Instead it became an informal gathering where all those interested traversed the snowy course in whatever manner they chose. So the exclusive participant shirts have been locked away in secrecy to preserve their freshness until the next annual GOBBLECROSS!!!!

More information, updates, chatter and the like may be found :
GOBBLECROSS 2013 Facebook event page

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Work hard, have fun!