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Hollenbecks & more to come!

This past weekend Bob and Randy went down to Virgil NY to the Hollenbeck Spring Classic Road Race. Many familiar faces were down at the race, including but not limited to a solid representation of ommegangsters, cny-tri cronies, and mello velo dudes from SU.

Randy entered the cat3/4 contest which consisted of 2 laps of a roughly 22 mile loop with a hill finish. The course was nice, the weather equally so. A bit of wind, a quick peloton, and a couple decent climbs which made for a fun race. There was a nice rotation of riders doing work in the front, and a handful of decent off the front attacks by a range of riders.

The finish was a tight pack of probably 10-12? and was interesting as the pack gradually gained and met with the last solo off the front attack which had been exerted by a strong rider from Kingston. Then the hill sorted out the finish with a swift swoop, a little head wind, and then the grind to the line.

J&J Cycling’s Scott Lundy finished 1st, Handlebars James Thomson came in 2nd, Ommegang’s Long Haired Eric secured 3rd, and BTB / Mello Velo’s Randy came in 4th over all, finishing as the first of the cat4 participants. See complete results here.

Coming up this weekend, there are two potential races on the radar for Saturday, the Du the Lakes duathlon, run bike run at Greenlakes State Park and also Saturday out by Canandaigua the Bristol Mountain Race which is also the NYS Championship Road Race – sitereg.

Should be interesting to see how this weekend shakes out!

Weekend competitions!

Saturday marks the kick off of the Upstate New York Cross Country Series, at Jamesville Reservoir where Randy will be competing for the Syracuse Track club.

Sunday, Sarah and Randy will be heading down to West Longbranch, New Jersey to participate in the WAR on the SHORE triathlon, put on by the Sandy Hookers.


Feel free to come out and see what these events are all about and good luck to all competitors this weekend!



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Sports and lots of them. We will continue to assert dominance, unhindered and all inclusive nights and weekends. We exist for people who want to play hard, work hard, and enjoy a sport that they love.

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