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Battenkill 2012

This past weekend my dad and I set out to the Albany area to race the Tour of the Battenkill on Saturday.

The Battenkill is a 62 mile race through the hills of Cambridge, NY that always has a large turn out of super competitive riders eager to test their legs and chance against each other and the challenging terrain. While it is a road cycling race; the course has at least 6 dirt sections, most of which include some decently steep climbs as well as some gnarly high speed descents on mixed dirt and gravel. Some of the dirt was amazingly slick and smooth and fast, while just off that 8inch wide portion and for random sections of the entire road was a loose sandy-gravel-consistency which did a good job of keeping most riders in the saddle on the climbs and eyes peeled and focused on the descents.

Battenkill 2012 pro/am Results

I raced last year as a 4 and finished pretty well. This year I didn’t have too many expectations as I tweaked my hamstring a bit about 3 weeks prior and since I had signed up long in advanced I had planned to come out to at least watch my dad, Bob Hadzor, in his first Battenkill adventure. The week leading up to it I was able to get on the bike and feel good a handful of times so my plan switched to entering the race, get through the 1 lane covered bridge in a decent position and try to hang with the lead pack and see what happens. My race was cat 3 yellow, and we went off at 10:10am; it was great to see a lot of  Central New York / Syracuse area riders there; mostly of the cyclocross persuasion which may be why most of them did quite well!

The race went well. It was a beautiful day, the sunny dry weather was cause for lots of dust to fill the nostrils, corners of the eyes and end up as a nice coating on bicycles, drive train, and any exposed skin alike. I was able to survive with no wrecks, or flats, and hang with the lead pack for just about the whole race. It got a little confusing at the second feed zone where our field over took another race field and our pack splintered a little. I got what commonly happens when you’re towards the back half of the pack and the little splinters of attackers disappear and you think you’re much closer to the front than actuality. We did some good honest work with a little 3 pack that ended up collecting a couple more riders as we chased and eventually with 1000meters to go I put in a surge in attempt to get to the 90degree turn for the finish stretch first (last year I was  stuck at the back of a pace line and the last portion was only 200meters or less so there was no gaining spots) this year the finish stretch was longer, but I went for it any how, and my legs had already started to cramp a tiny bit in the quads about a mile prior so I didn’t have enough to separate solidly and ended up only beating a couple people in our finishing pack and ending up 46th which felt like at the time like about 17th. Disappointing as it was to see the place much worse than I had thought, I am overall happy with the race as my hamstring stayed intact; in fact felt strong… I may be in the market for a new front derailleur for my ol’ 9 speed aluminum trek which I was racing against all the fancy carbon 10 speed new fangled bicycles, as Wes pointed out derailleurs are just springs and after 4 years of punishing riding you can’t really expect reliable shifting.. which I suppose is decent enough reasoning why my chain didn’t want to come down on to the little ring even if I asked it either politely or sternly. It only went on the first and last hill for some reason… perhaps it has a mind of it’s own and wanted me to get a good training effort in even though it thought the back of the pack was a lame spot to be.

So yes. No flats, no wrecks, no injuries, just a nice challenging long ride.. good for training and motivation to keep training… harder!

Bob Hadzor Battenkill 2012

Dads race reportedly had a similar bottom line recap. He let the pack go at mile 7 or around the first climb to race within his own heart rate range, wisely not wanting to ‘burn too many matches’ early on and be out of juice mid race. A good choice indeed as his pack too splintered as you can see in the finishing results. Bob Hadzor ended up finishing a solid 19th in his 55+ cat 5 race after basically TT’ing the rest of the windy dusty 55miles since the first climb. Remarkably maintaining almost 17mph on the hilly challenging terrain with out really working with anyone the entire way.

The later-in-the-day races rumor had it were even windier … I find it hard to imagine dustier but that’s what they said.. as the announcer explained the heat from the day and the sun is absorbed into the road and then eventually given off as the cool air from the mountains finds it way down and then causes the winds to pick up thus making solo riding even more challenging. So, Dad/Bob was definitely happy with his race for training as he got a very solid TT effort at a higher pace than any training ride as of late at a very solid distance. All while staying up right, keeping the air inside his tires, and beating some fast ol’ dudes along the way!

All and all good effort everyone out at the Battenkill! Notably Joe Mag had a solid ride for his first Battenkill adventure [recapped here], Nate Molinari had a solid top ten (in the money) finish in his first Battenkill in the cat 5 u35 yellow race, Fred Harle after flatting was able to TT his ass off for a 13th place finish in the cat4 pink, Ray Williard also finishing 13th in the cat4 yellow race staying right in the mix the whole way. Cliff Six, busting it out with an 8th place finish in the masters 60+ race!

It was great to see all the other CNY / Syracuse / Onondaga County Cycling folks who each had their own adventure, some sticking to their plans and racing great races, others more unfortunately having mechanicals and wheel cars choosing to let the other wheel car bring them what they needed to stay competitive 15minutes after… such is the misadventure of crazy-terrained-bicycle-races. You never know what can happen…

I’m pretty sure I saw a lead pack dude changing his own tube about 70% complete before the first wheel car came up… not sure if he was our field or not but even though I debated down to the last minute before setting off for the start line whether to carry CO2 and a tube. I think next year I will take it.. as I’ve gotten pretty quick at the repairs and worst case you can watch and hand the half changed tire off to the car if it gets to you before the swap is made. The weight is so little and it’s early in the season even if it goes unused it’s no big loss I think.

That’s all for this recap for now, as I start to ramble on.

Great job to all at the 2012 Battenkill! Good luck with your training moving forward!

Race Support at Battenkill 2012


So while Marcus was researching the new Canon DSLR that’s about to be or maybe is on the market… he came across this video that he shared with me. The sport is like, as he put it, “upgraded bike polo”. (For those not familiar with bike polo think horse polo and then substitute bicycles for the horses.)

So then I obviously had to know.. is this a real sport or some sort of hipster/photography exercise in doing ridiculous things to show off both bicycle and camera prowess.

I found, to my glee…

Radball is a legit sport.. and it looks wild. This second video is titled “Cycle-ball / Radball UCI world championships Romania vs Malaysia part 1” it looks pretty official to me… I recommend watching numerous other videos as well, the handling skills are unreal.

I only became aware of bicycle polo recently – – and it’s pretty cool. As spring approaches you will most likely be able to find the Syracuse Bike Polo folks out wheelin’ around Barry Park near the University / Westcott area.

I’m curious if anyone will build up some of these wild looking bikes and start nurturing a local Radball culture.

2012 races / seeking sponsorship update

I got an email yesterday from USAT saying I’m in consideration for Team USA for 2012 ITU Short Course Duathlon World Championships in Nancy, France. The World Championship is set to take place September 22-23… I replied saying I would love to be considered… now all I can do is wait… and train

This renews my awareness to the fact I still have to do a substantial amount of sponsorship work.. Wool Sports, Mello Velo and M&J Coaching stands by BTB here as the 2012 season approaches, helping a great deal to keep the dream with in reach. However I still need to come up with a large amount of finances to get to these destination races. The cool thing is that if I am selected for France, I could potentially be ‘over there’ in Switzerland already and have perfect timing for trans continental logistics and level of fitness as the Powerman World Championship is September 2nd in Zofingen.

So, feasibly I may only need to come up with cash for 1 round trip airfare.. still don’t actually have a functioning aero bike – but we can only work with we got, some day the gear will come but for now I’m content to kick the shit out of pros with whatever I’ve got laying around.

I’m totally open to any leads for sponsorship assistance. If I could choose, I prefer to help promote local Syracuse / New York companies that know what hard work is. I’m not very good about talking myself up to places so I may enlist my dad as my manager for these kind of discussions. After all he knows what it’s about as he is getting all dialed in for his Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Championship in 2012 as well.

That’s it for the update, 2012 is gonna be huge! See you out there.



Today is awesome! Starting last night with some wild winds whipping around in the dark and to wake up this morning with a little white stuff on the ground that just kept accumulating! Above is a better picture of the mythical Frankenbike I made reference to in my last post.

Frequent BTB accomplice Jamie Trevvett had organized a group of folks to meet up to run the 4mile course of the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run that is happening March 10th. The Frankenbike was the first to arrive, and on its way it would rest in the snow next to the road as I helped one van and one truck get up over the crest of slippery hills and on with their journey.

What a great day to go for a 4 mile trudge! After many found warm coffee and couches much more appealing than slippery roads Jamie showed up we had a great run.

Not to mention the snow makes for excellent bicycle handling practice. ie; How fast can you take the downhill turn in the park by leaning and applying force down on the outside handle bar. Also good practice I found was attempting 10-15 foot area figure eights using copious pressure down on outside bar, quite a bit of leaning out of the turn, and a little pulling up on the inside bar, while doing little half pedal strokes to turn at the tightest radius possible. Yet another – one handed turns, again pushing on the outside bar and trying not touch the inside bar or letting the panicked foot come down.

That is all. I hope everyone else was able to get outside and play in the snow and that if you must traverse treacherous roads your survived your adventure unscathed.


winter time

Hey all. Brief update here, despite the glorious giant flakes of snow seen today in Central New York, spring is just around the corner. The CNY Triathlon Winter Training Facility has just announced they’ll only be open for another month and a half.

old unfinished portrait of the frankenbike… now it has fenders and all.. it’s awesome

This winter has been a good one thus far. The miles have been adding up on the ol’ Frankenbike single speed commuter traversing all over Syracuse this winter and I don’t know about yous guys, but I’m itching to race a little. A couple local-ish running and road cycling races are starting to pop up on the calendar for the near future. Not sure but I might just have to jump in and race Battenkill..  looking forward to a nice 4miler in the neighborhood over at the Tip Hill Run always good to see some familiar faces, it a fun race too where the whole community comes out to yell. Not sure what else quite yet.. the taste of indoor track air isn’t the greatest.. I may prefer the stinging sleet of running and riding out side it’s been a while since I’d felt that deep burn followed by days of coughing.

Speaking of fun indoor sporting…

BTB has expanded its realm into the world of soccer! Where Sarah and a great group of girls play under the title sponsor, Lamont Tavern out at the Jones Road sports complex.  Following next weeks winter break they will be competing in the Finals on Thursday, March 1st.

As the winter temperatures and spotty precipitation continues, keep doing what ever it is you do! There are lots of great things going on. We’ve been having a blast at Mello Velo, spinning in the café for what they call ‘Hump-Day Rump-Day’ riding bicycles indoors on Wednesdays; we spin, do a little work out, then frequently end up eating delicious foods near by.

Run, bike, lift, swim, snowshoe, ski, crossfit, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, what is your favorite winter time activity? Let us know in the comments below!


transformer bicycle?

Knowing that I ride my fair share of bicycles, a friend of mine sent a link to this video…

My first reaction was that of disbelief and awe… thinking perhaps the man merely catapult mounted a very tall custom bicycle, wove through traffic ’til out of view and then dropped down; it’s a go to reaction to be skeptical of youtube videos, I can’t help it… However on his return pass you can see him operate his amazing bicycle with a little bit of forward motion and maybe some sort of a push of a button or lever?

I could imagine this magical transformer bicycle would be an incredibly useful tool for commuting; where visibility, and maneuvering is of constant importance. It’s always best to be nice to cars; they can’t help that they don’t understand why you are riding your bicycle through the snow and sleet.. so if you’re going to confuse them.. you may as well baffle them when you squeeze past them when traffic is all backed up by the 20 or so singularly occupied four door vehicles waiting for the light to change.

Calling mechanical engineers out there; BTB design contest?

indoor bicycle world; CNY

Lot’s of interesting things come across the email box these days… however it’s quite rare that there are ridiculous diagrams and pictures of indoor bicycling world sized playgrounds.. much less are they an update of in progress honest to goodness coming to life of these magical places right in upstate new york!


They call it CranX & they say it will feature:

  • Indoor Park portion situated within a 90,000 plus square foot building, formerly warehouse space.
  • Will have a fitness room with trainers and spin classes.
  • Will also have a party room, lounge, and indoor golf range.
  • Outdoor Park portion in excess of 3 acres.
  • Bike Park will cater to Mountain Bike, BMX Bike and Road Bike enthusiasts.
  • Section, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Areas.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Park will feature Half Pipe, Foam Pit, Cross Country Track, Pump Tracks, Running/Walking Track, Berm Trails, Freeride Trails, Jump Trails, Road Track, Street
  • This will be one of 3 Indoor Parks of this Class on the North American Continent. The Outdoor Component of CranX will be the largest of the 3
  • Family oriented, features for all ages and experience.
  • Season’s Membership Passes, Day Passes, Combination Packs & Fitness Memberships will be available.

exterior plan

exterior plan 2


In general – I am a fan of breathing life into neglected buildings… and this is definitely a BTB approved way to do it. Check out the progress in their photo gallery or just see more at; it appears it’s going to be right over in DeWitt on Thompson Rd… very awesome.