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2015 All American Triathlete – Robert Hadzor



The Central New York area  has  had a huge amount of strong athletes this year.

BTB is very proud of the head of the Hadzor Clan for achieving the distinction of All American by the USAT. He continues to be an inspiration to those around him  by routinely putting in the time on the run, bike, swim, weight and on the job site  at the  age of 65 all while maintaining a wonderfully contagious enthusiasm!

go! 2015:01 ~1h15m

Trying something new here.

Each week, for a little while at least, we’ll be posting a ‘curated’ playlist of videos from the internet   to add to your arsenal of entertainment. The playlists are intended to   help pass the time while riding   bicycles inside.  The videos are basically hand picked  from the videos we’ve watched, while training inside, but weeding out the ones that totally sucked…

They are mostly about cycling.. perhaps with a few wild cards mixed in.

We’re  thinking we’ll post them up each week on Sunday afternoon, so that y’all can have them to use during the week as needed.

Let us know what you think, what you like, dislike, or if you have other videos that you think we should check out!

August 2013

So far, this August has been pretty great for athletic endeavors!

August 9th, 2013 – Standard Distance Duathlon Worlds in Ottawa
Randy won Bronze in standard distance (10k/40k/5k) age group duathlon world championship
2013 Du Worlds Ottawa - Randy Hadzor - Bronze
August 17th-18th : Du’Nango + Dante’s !
Bob and Randy both raced Du’Nango for a Cure (2.5m/14.8mi/2.5mi) Saturday morning. Bob decided to add 3 miles to the bike course and still finished strong and happy! Randy secured first place by about 6 minutes, setting a new course record.
Then the adventure really began after zipping straight from the awards ceremony to join Dan Wnorowski and his crew to ride some of the annual organized attack on the Dante’s which snakes around many of the steeper hills south of CNY,  where a group of riders set out to ride a Double Dante’s – – meaning two laps of Dante’s East and two laps of Dante’s West, 280miles with 28,000′ of climbing, in 24 hours.
2013 Dante's Start
Two riders : Dan McCarthy and John Cico accomplished the “impossible” dream, a DOUBLE DANTE’s!
2013 Dante's - Dan and John
Randy rode 1 full Dante’s with them, 140mi + 14mi from the race made it a nice 154 mi for the day on the bike! Earning the honorable spot on “Team Dante’s” as 1 of 9 riders to date (8/2013) to have completed a continuous Full Dante’s in one day : more Dante’s info
The Dante’s crew is awesome. Keep your eye out for the crazy folks grinding up the beautiful mountain roads and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of these maniacs. CMFC as they say 🙂
The next big goal for Randy is to qualify again for Team USA, with targets set on Powerman Zofingen for Long Distance Du Worlds 2014.

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Lopez Lomong’s "Running for my Life"

I just finished reading Lopez Lomong’s book “Running for my Life”. The story he tells in this book is amazing. He is a truly inspirational person.

I had the honor of finishing 3rd to him and Dominic Luka in many high school cross country + maybe even some track races (in indoor the goal was just to not get lapped). I’ve always respected Lopez’s talent and hard work (especially while still looking like he’s having fun) the book gives you insight into his truly remarkable life and the story exudes goodness.

Lopez Lomong - Running for my Life

I highly recommend any athlete, teacher, coach, American, random kids growing up; everyone, really, to read this book.

get it – –

hills and junk!

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! ..we head to philly to race bicycles in a junkyard…

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race! – write/race announcement by surly

see you there?

This makes round 2 for the blitzkrieg trips to PA for racing bicycles, I never got around to posting a review but the day after GOBBLECROSS 2012 was the Dirty Dozen which rode around Pittsburgh, racing up some of the steepest hills around the city… it was awesome.

one of the steepest hills:

more dirty dozen pictures


Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing everyone safe travels and great feasting all whilst enjoying the glory of fall.

If you do too much feasting and not enough fresh air absorbing – – you’re welcome to come out and join BTB Athletics as we are all geared up for GOBBLECROSS 2012!! on Friday, the day immediately following delicious Turkey day.

We will start the races a rollin’ at approx 10am, come around 8:30-9:30am to sign in and pre ride the course if you would like to feel the wind through your helmet as you race, come a bit earlier 7:30/8ish if you want to get a real work out in running around the course hammering in last minute stakes and doing random last minute tasks with us!

More info about the event can be found :
the facebook event page 

race cost 12$ – participants can round up to 20$ to receive custom designed american apparel shirt,
spectators may also purchase t-shirt day of for 10$ . . .
– t’s are a limited run for fall2012, though maybe available post-race at select boutique bicycle/art shops for ~20$
– inquiries:

Also of note, GOBBLECROSS will have the potluck left over table set up! Feel free to bring your delicious left over pies / turkey sandwiches, or other goodies if you’d like to share.

See ya Friday!





Lobster Cats!!

BTB Athletics would like to welcome the newest branch of sporting endeavor; the Lobster Cats!!

This is the official womens indoor soccer team sponsored by Variety Studios! They compete at the Jones Road “CNY Family Sports Centre” weekly. Representing BTB green with the goal keeper, and the players rock the custom Lobster Cat jerseys in the newly coined color of ‘bisque’ !

keep on the look out for fan gear, scarves, starter jackets, t-shirts, pennants, GOOOOO LOBSTER CATS!