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2014 CNY Cyclocross Series

CNY Cup - 2014 Central New York Cyclocross Series


It’s here!

With all the great ‘cross races that we’ve been having such fun at in our little part of the world.. the mystical powers of the woods have carried the undeniable voices of whimsical pain and  joyous celebration all they way to ears and souls of our humble race organizers.. where they have joined forces to unite the region in challenge.. unleashing a lively competition to crown the kings and queens of the ‘Cross in the Center Land.

This challenge will spread over the hill tops, through the valleys and over the undulations in between.. across dewy off camber grasses, shimmering in reflection, as those chosen blades within the tape look downward to their roots as if telling them to ready and stay strong as they await the shredding tires of excitement.. over rock and root whose spirits lick their lips in anticipation of the opportunity to steal the air from those same tires should their racer underestimate their might.. through the valleys and across the surface of smooth frigid waters of shallow streams.. the challenge will be the force that keeps these racers honest.. their blood, adrenaline and dopamine rushing, keeping the fires raging in the quads, hearts and core of their being.. well into the crisp air of the seasons turn.. bringing warmth and good natured push, push, push.. allez allez allez.. hoppe hoppe hoppe.. swooping, sliding, grinding, hammering..  hungry for every turn, every obstacle.. the spirit of challenge making us stronger every day  – – Central New York Cyclocross Points Series… the CNY Cup!

To quote the internets:

Here ya go kids!

October 2014 – Syracuse, NY, Cycling race promoters announce partnership for new CNY cyclocross points race series.

The Central NY Cyclocross scene is proud to announce the Inaugural CNY Cycloross Cup Points Series.

The 2014 Cup series will includes five races located in and around the Central NY Region. The races include CX Out Child Abuse, Syracuse GP, ‘Power Cross, Syracross and Cider Cross. Points will be awarded based on the overall finish placement of participants with the winners crowned as King or Queen of the series in their respective events categories.

Categories for 2014 will include:
• Open Men
• Open Women
• Cat 4/5 Men
• Cat 4 Women
• Masters 35+
• Master 55+
• Single Speed Men
• Single Speed Women

2014 Participating races:

10/5/14 – CX out child Abuse: Bryan Blake –

10/25/14 – Syracuse Grand Prix: Mike Lyon ––power-cross-both-days

10/26/14 – ‘Power Cross: Noel Bonk –

11/1/14 – Syracross IV: Sara Morris –

11/9/14 – Cider Cross: Kenny Hammond –

Series Rules >

Contact Info:
Cup Promoter – Bryan Blake

– (source: facebook / Bryan Blake, copied October 14th, 2014)


Some times when you light a match next the gasoline things really get going.

The CNY Cup Cyclocross Points Series would like to welcome Turkey Cross at the Victor Apple Farm to be held on November 23rd to the list of races for 2014

– (source: facebook / Bryan Blake, copied October 14th, 2014)


Cobra Frames from Raúl Alexander Marrero on Vimeo.

“Short documentary about Joe Roggenbuck, a bike frame builder based in Syracuse, New York, where he builds THE COBRA, his brand of custom, made-to-measure, steel bike frames.

Written, Directed and Edited by Raul Alexander Marrero and Luke Casino” (source:



cx season approaches!

As the temperature fluctuates wildly there are tell tale signs the fall is coming. The occasional brisk gray weekend and cool evenings that lead to morning rides, far darker than just near weeks prior. The trees typically green, turn orange and occasionally bright red, but this hides in the shadows and folks claim it was a trick of their eye. The apples ripe and fragrant on the trees as you climb around route 20, even in the city you see crab apples gathered along the curb.. there’s no denying it..

cyclocross season is coming!

who’s up for some adventure..?

WNY ‘cross Kick-off Presented by Buffalo Bicycle Club

West Falls, NY
Saturday, August 31, 2013

Online Registration Closes
Friday, August 30, 2013 at 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

– – –

Swandrome Cross Presented by FLCC & Swan Cycles

226 Mt Pleasant Rd, Freeville, NY
Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Registration Closes
Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 12:01 AM, Eastern Standard Time

– – –
I for one, wouldn’t mind starting out the season with a proper flyover:

The 15th Annual Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester, NEPCX, UCI C2
Presented by ECV – Essex County Velo

Gloucester, MA
Saturday, September 28, 2013 to Sunday, September 29, 2013

Online Registration Closes
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

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