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it’s that time of year!! gobblecross 2017 (seven)

It’s that time of year again!! We are making the preparations for Gobblecross 2017 (seven), the annual unsanctioned backyard cyclocross extravaganza.

If you’re making the trip out, especially if you want one of the commemorative limited edition shirts, be sure to ‘reserve your spot’:

You can also check out more lead up chatter and likely post race photo repository on facebook:

spring is coming.


Get in ‘yer fat bicycle riding while   you can…

45NRTH – RIDE GROOMED from 45NRTH on Vimeo.

That clean, beautiful, powder is going to turn to sloppy, muddy, mush on your trails and  salty, wet, and filth on the roads… and you guessed it.. us and our bicycles road/cx/mountain/hybrid/cruiser/singlespeed/whatever .. we’ll be covered in it all, grinning ear to ear.

Squeek in one last fat bike race this weekend in Winona Forest with the IditaFAT Bike Race:


As the weather flip flops the local cycling and multisport clubs are having a show down at the Spring Fling, season wrap up event at the co-sponsored Winter Training Facility. Onondaga Cycling Club versus the CNY Triathlon club for the first ever Time Trial Wars.

Time Trial Wars

Individuals and 3 person teams will compete via computrainer on 20 minute efforts.. should be a blast.. so get your competitive compainions and sign up to rep’ yer club!

More info :

2015 NYSBRA Calendar & NY State Championships

Straight from the NYSBRA email! Get ready for 2015 bicycle racing on the roads!

Next year’s NYSBRA road race schedule is nearly final:

Once finalized at the annual meeting, NYSBRA Secretary Tom Weichmann will populate the Google road race shared public Calendar, which you can view from any of your devices simply by adding the calendar to your own (instructions at the link above!).

NYSBRA is also proud to announce the 2015 NYSBRA State Championships

  • Road Race – will be hosted by Century Road Club Association (CRCA) at the Bear Mountain Spring Classic, Bear Mountain, May 10th
  • Criterium – will be hosted by Jeff Poulin of Tioga Velo Club at the Chris Thater Memorial Criterium, Binghamton, Aug 22-23
  • Time Trial- will be hosted by Susan Hudson of Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club (MHBC) at Lake Delta in Rome, Aug 30th

roller racing in syracuse 2/4/15

The Wednesday evening of February 4th at Eastwood Brewing Company is the first go at a new level of bicycle silliness for the bicycling scene in Syracuse!



^ ^ right click, save, print this junk out / post it up at your spots ^ ^

I first ever experienced roller sprints like these at SSCXWC in Philly.. They are super fun.

Word to the wise: Don’t try and coast… (haha!) My limited sphere of bicycle influence has very little fixed gear bicycle presence.. I don’t know if bicycle aficionados in the area, especially the average road racer, will be more aware of their surroundings than I… But if you go sprint hard on a fixie and start to think about coasting… It is a very very bad idea.

Information provided on their FB Event page (as of 1/9/15):

Wednesday, February 4 at 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Eastwood Brewing Company
108 Walter Dr, Syracuse, New York 13206

Welcome to Vagabond Cycling’s, Emerald City Roller Sprints – Syracuse’s first ever roller-racing event! This is the ultimate bike party and February just got a whole lot more fun in Syracuse.

No, you don’t have to ride – although you may feel left out – and no, you don’t have to drink – but YES you will have fun cheering on your friends and heckling your foes, and YES you can help us support a local organization dedicated to getting kids off the streets and on bikes.

Men/Women (fork-mounted riders)
Feature Event: Men/Women roller riders (limited to 10 total)
Best dress-up / costume (please make sure your costumes won’t get caught in the rear wheel)

Cost: $15 to ride. No cover for spectators. Proceeds go to support a local youth bike organization.

Event Format:
Qualification rides followed by single-elimination format

Questions you may have:

Q: So what are roller sprints anyways?
A: Two participants duel it out on a pair of custom equipped bike-rollers, connected to a digital timing system, over a distance of 500 meters. The first person to complete the distance win. And between rides you can can go drink a beer and hang out and have fun – it’s that cool!

Anyone can join in on the friendly competition. The important thing is that when the crowd counts down “three, two, one” and yells “GO!” whoever’s on those bikes better be darn ready to sprint as hard as they can approximately 20 seconds! Emerald City Roller Sprints are meant to be fun and not serious training or racing.

Q: Do I need to know how to ride rollers?
A: NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our bikes are connected to the rollers via a fork-mounted system, thus making it possible for anyone to ride.

Q: What do I wear to ride
A: Wear whatever you want

They also posted a little video of the typical scenario of Roller Races to getchya up to speed…

Back in December there was a similar event launched by Bike Loft East which I am bummed that I missed. I haven’t heard how it went but they too posted fun videos to give folks the idea of what it’s all about like this one from Velo Cult…