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usat duathlon long course natl’s

Just registered for Black Water Duathlon, just over a week away..

10k run, 70k bike, 10k run
Blackwater Duathlon is the USAT National Long Course Championship

Should be pretty awesome!

shout out to WoolSports! only the finest of merino sheeps get to donate their wools to become high quality apparel fabricated in the good ol’ US of A .. just rode in a little rain storm last night in one of my wool jerseys and I am routinely amazed at the properties of wool.. look it up.. it’s not just for old time hockey jerseys.. WS has some top secret prototypes in the works.. very exciting stuff!

Randy Hadzor – Team USA

It’s official…


Randy Hadzor will be representing Team USA at Nancy France, 2012.

Here is the official email from USAT:

The 2012 ITU Standard Course Duathlon World Championships will take place September 22-23, 2012, in Nancy, France.

Nancy France is just 20 or so days after the Powerman World Championship in Zofingen Switzerland, perfect timing for fitness and transportation potentially. Giving ample time to get acclimated and being that Zofingen is the longer distance, the training taper will be spot on.

Now it’s just a matter of financing the trip, WoolSports, Mello Velo Bicycles & Café, M&J Coaching continue to be invaluable supporters making training and racing at the current level possible. Randy could still however benefit from local personal and corporate support.

Help Randy get to Europe!

(pronounced yerp)

We’ve set up a donation page with the funds going to race fees and travel expenses helping Randy get to and compete in these World Championships.

Randy is open to advertising interests and other various arrangements ie; get your company logo on the uniform worn in Switzerland or more  locally at another race; also possible is advertising right here on!

In France he’ll have to wear the Team USA uniform which will be available to Team USA Nancy athletes sometime this summer, but other races are open for discussion, with the new Variety Studios silk screen capabilities virtually anything is possible!

Thanks to all for your support! It’s an exciting opportunity!

2012 is going to be a big year for BTB !

GOBBLECROSS information!

Registration 8:30 – 9:30am

  • get your race number & pins, sign the waiver
  • spectators and anyone riding competitively or not needs to sign the waiver
  • during this time racers may also pre-ride the course, scope out the obstacles, terrain, warm up etc.
  • race fee is $12 and an optional additional $8 gets you the GOBBLECROSS American Apparel t-shirt – very fashionable (shirts $10 for non-racers = less change making necessary)

Race(s) start at 10am Friday 11/25/11

  • number of races will be determined by attendance
  • race for prizes; product, gear, things and stuff – or just fun
  • post-race(s) there will be a designated time for less competitive and more leisurely use of trails
  • duels are encouraged and if several are issued they may be lined up and embark tt style (perhaps video documentation may occur to avoid disputes)

Generic Information

  • there will be tables equipped with coffee and some basic snacks; they will also be prepared to accommodate any potluck / leftover dishes that anyone would have interest in bringing to share
  • volunteers are welcome, if you think you are really good at identifying numbers that whiz past really fast that communicate human identity, or if you have any other impressive skills – let us (randy, bob, wes)  know!
  • you must wear a helmet, to keep your brains intact.



2665 O’Connell Road
LaFayette, NY 13084

click ^ for google map
basically east side of lafayette, off of rt. 20 just inside town lines before pompey