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Tipp Hill Shamrock Run 2016

It was another great year running the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run. The event has such a great atmosphere, with runners and walkers of all sorts that come out. The energy level is always a nice happy buzz, with neighbors watching from their porches to cheer for friends and family.. lining the streets, bands jamming out on the corners from rock to marching band to Irish singers.. even the local Irish dance  school flanks the road with their pupils in school colors and regalia as runners pass under the historic traffic light  whose green light is atop the indicator.

It’s always a great test of fitness and even more fun to see all of the folks from the running community!

BTB athlete, Randy Hadzor, had a decent run and got a nice shout out from the local neighborhood bulletin:

Shamrock Run neighbor shout out - 2016


This years Gobblecross (five) was a success!


The weather was amazing and  it was great  to see so many people make the journey out by bicycle to check out the fun!

Congratulations to all of the racers for completing the challenging course!

We never got around to writing the press release detailing the story of ‘Edwards dethrones Timmerman Gobble Legacy’ .. as Kevan became the first A race champion to not be one of the brothers.

For some more info, details, photo links etc, check out the Gobblecross 2015 page.


As usual, only the nicest people in all the land showed up to play bicycles. It was great to see everyone.

Thanks for coming out!  We should do it again sometime.

race recap : 2015 Hollenbeck’s Road Race

It was a decent day for the crew down at Hollenbecks.

official results:

2015 Hollenbeck's : War Horse takes 1st in cat5 / 2nd in field 4/5 Photo credit: Jim Lassoie via Ruth Sherman
2015 Hollenbeck’s : War Horse (Avocadough kit) takes 1st in cat5 / 2nd in field 4,5
Photo credit: Jim Lassoie via Ruth Sherman

Warhorse padded the coffers with a 2nd   place finish in the 4/5 race despite creating a sweet noise maker / resistance training device / challenging mechanical  out of his front chain ring.  His finish shook down to 1st place in cat5.. but we won’t tell him that.

2015 Hollenbeck's : Kevan and Randy take 2nd, 3rd in cat3 / 6th, 7th in cat1,2,3 field Photo credit: Jim Lassoie via Ruth Sherman
2015 Hollenbeck’s : Kevan and Randy  (Mello Velo kits) take 2nd, 3rd in cat3 / 6th, 7th in cat1,2,3 field
Photo credit: Jim Lassoie via Ruth Sherman

Kevan and Randy played silly     pack games that didn’t really make any cents,   since a strong break was made by three   powerful 1/2’s in their 1/2/3 field.  After spinning along for a few laps, it came to finishing toward the front of the up-hill-pack-sprint.. placing   6th and 7th overall… which ended up being 2nd and 3rd of   the cat3.

“… if it doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t   make  sense…” –  Christopher George Latore Wallace

Great job to everyone that was out racing, and huge thanks   to  the volunteers and organizers. It was a great race, with a very nice, pretty, rolling course.  There was deliberation in the pack whether it would be easier to enlist the aid of   a cow to climb that little  ‘wall’ of a hill.

Thanks again to all the  volunteers, hopefully that mysterious glowing orb in the sky didn’t burn  ya too bad!