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Kirkland CX

It was a warm, sunny, pleasant day in Kirkland park near Clinton, NY this past Sunday. The kind of day that normally you would expect a nice fast course with reasonably firm ground and bicycles that would still look like bicycles at the end of the race, however, this was no ordinary Sunday. This was a Sunday after some fairly major flooding had gotten the better of the South and East of Syracuse and underneath the reasonably dry appearance lurked mud that would mature as the day went on….

The 9:15 cat4/citizens race began with most having ridden the course and agreeing it was sloppy but no big deal and laughter about the organizers anticipated two lap total in a half hour race. This prediction turned into reality and by the end of the race my gearing was limited to my slower ten speeds; which made for an interesting (silly) sprint to middle placing overall.

Later in the day a couple races had passed and it was time for my introduction to single speed racing. I was reassured by the thought that there was nothing to break on these bikes and mud would clog the gears minimally. The race began in conditions that at points resembled mud wrestling pits, mud covered slip and slides, pools of mud, and other mud related descriptions that escape me right now. This race did prove very fun and taught me that yes single speed cross bikes are awesome but not impervious to mud; as I found out cleaning the bike thoroughly upon arriving home. This mud could get in the freewheel and apparently break the brake adjuster screws. Still overall a very fun experience.

Mr. Doug Mayer kindly whooped me on his single speed mountain bike with tires covered in a gelatinous mud and we finished in the middle of a field of ten.

– Wes

Post Race
The post race party was held at the newest Variety Studios headquarters in Syracuse; a solid number of people in attendance, including, numerous neighbors, slightly sore – mostly mudless – Mello Velo /  Middle Ages – race team, five architects, and an impressive number of guests who arrived via bicycle! Middle Ages 5 gallon barrel of delicious Swallow Wit beer.

Post Post Race
This time around I didn’t race as I’m focusing exclusively on duathlon and waiting to start my ‘cross season after the Indiana race on the 1st of October, so I merely hosted the post race party. After a post race party obviously there is the typical little bit of clean up.. After that you have to wake up and go to work.. well today was an excellent and productive work from home day, and when it came time to go for a run, and there is yet another little task of returning a keg… anddd you live slightly close to the brewery… and you just had a conversation with crazy man Dan Ganley (organizer of STRend Syracuse) at midday … the obvious two things that present themselves are: keg + running shoes, the obvious solutions = keg run.

So I returned the keg by foot, after much deliberation knowing that I would look ridiculous and that my route would no doubt include the quite busy and populated Geddes Street… none the less I decided to go for it – – and it was awesome.

I tried to run with my arms extended as in the silhouette above as much as possible, picking a certain number of telephone poles, or until a sign in the distance to try for. There were tons of great comments, including the kids in front of the library asking what I was carrying, my response “A Jug” did not fool them as they yelled in return that if it was beer they wanted some.. many shocked glances, the best was from a man who merely did a double take and out shock and awe proclaimed “Aw Hell Naw!”

I dropped it off, averaging 6:30’s for the just over 2 mile trip that incorporated about half downhill, then flat, I’m not sure that I adequately communicated my appreciation to the guys at the brewery but my right quad was locked up pretty well and I was a bit short on breathe.. so I took off quickly, continuing my tour of the city at a much slower clip, up through upper and lower onondaga parks, stopping occasionally to try and loosen up the right quad that was surprised by the homage to extreme steeple training of Monmouth U days.

So… Keg run hill repeats at the Reservoir anyone?

– Randy

Well its about damn time

Hello, and no we have not dropped off the face of the earth, It has been a while since any of us posted but hey, with all that has been going on things get kinda crazy.

First the in more recent events Randy and Sarah were recently in the topographically homogenized land of Iowa where they participated in the Living History Farms Cross Country Race I Urbandale, IA where results ensued.

Secondly while attending a post Turkey Day gathering involving spicy foods and beverages of a refreshing nature hosted by our friend Joe (aka The Great Pumpkin) I found out I did not perform as poorly as I thought at the Dave Panella Memorial Cyclocross Race on a golf course in Binghamton. It turns out that I finished in the top 75% of riders despite basically taking two weeks off from riding and having a completely numbed hand through all but the first two laps (yeah and I was feeling pretty worked after the first half lap). After checking the results to get rid of the last of my disbelief I can now stop hanging my head in shame and just remember that it is more fun to race if there isn’t that much time taken off.

Thirdly, the Fuel hockey team plays in the men’s league at the Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena / Baldwinsville YMCA (same place I just don’t know what their real name is, the place is kinda like the artist formerly and allegedly known as Prince) every Sunday. Due to some mixed results in the beginning of the season we sure could use some loud and borderline offensive fans to yell about flaws in the game or whatever… but aside from this there may be guest appearances from Randy Hadzor seeing as about a quarter of the team has been out with injuries and sicknesses. I will post the schedule as soon as it is not shrouded in secrecy involving last minute text messages.

Fourthly, this winter has loads of potential for events, tomfoolery and excitement who knows what activities will occur but you can be sure it will be wicked awesome.

OK go do things.

Ellison CX recap

This past weekend involved some pretty good showings on the part of BTB with Randy exploring the world of multiple geared Bicycles and coming in a solid 23rd out of a field of 71. Wes brought up the rear of the upper 75% of the field at around 51st.

The course offered some excellent downhill bombing in addition to some burbles in the ground that could have and may have made some very good launch points, in addition the pavement sections provided some nice recovery periods, and there was also a switchback climb up a climb that felt alot more difficult than it looked capped with a slippery run-up.
Over all a really fun course and we are likely competing in the entire Rochester series next year.

On a slightly more disturbing note we have had to place prospective member Daniel Fitzgibbons on double secret probation for a decidedly uncool no-call no-show, please feel free to heckle and ring cowbells as he goes about his day-to-day life, at least until the sanctions have been removed.



Once again we have an enticing weekend activity for your enjoyment this weekend.

This weekend the Syracuse Grand Prix Cyclocross in Memory of James Konski will be held at Long Branch Park in Liverpool, NY.

If you have any interest in finding out more about what Cyclocross is, heckling the riders, or just having a good time out of doors you should prolly be there.

Racing starts at 11am (schedule).

(there is no admission fee)

What you are doing this weekend.

This weekend beginning at 9:15 they will be serving up cyclocross at Ommegang. Bicycling and belgian beers, you know you don’t have anything to do, so come out and watch.

It’s like road racing… for the woods.

So anyway, come on out it’s Cooperstown, if you can’t find diversions at the brewery there are plenty of fun filled activities for the whole family in the quaint region of NY:
the farmers museum
the baseball hall of something
there’s a lake (you can swim in it)
there’s restaurants and stores (to buy your forgiveness from your significant other after you may have over indulged at the brewery)
fenimore art museum
glimmerglass state park

Ch-ch-check out the schedule. Both Randy and I will be in the Citizens/cat4 race, then I will be in the cat3/4 race, then Randy will potentially be racing in the single speed bonanza of speed.

Then stick around to watch the really fast guys and hell why not enjoy some adult beverages and post race festivities. Bring your bicycle and extra clothes so you can get dirty, play in the mud, and have fun.