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Tour de Syracuse!

Tour de Syracuse is coming!

May 22nd (crit in onondaga park) & 23rd (time trial and road race down by song lake).

BTB / Mello Velo Race Team will be there! Will you??

Song Mountain Road Race Volunteer map! This is the course and where people should be.. click the map for the actual google map location, beneficial for if your racing or if you are interested in volunteering, contact the Onondaga Cycling Club dudes if that’s the case.

Ps. Party at BTB Headquarters after the Races on Sunday.

Saratoga Cyclocross Races

This past weekend was pretty awesome. A bit exhausting… as we made that short almost 3 hr drive over to Saratoga to ride some bicycles.

Never have I broken so many bicycle wheels in such short time… I hear they call it ‘tacoing’ as when the wheel no longer rotates straight but wiggles its entire way around. Thanks to the dude who trued my rear wheel between races! I have observed your ways and I will soon be repairing the front in the same manner.
the michelin man attacks the mud
Anyhow. It was a blast check out the Results on the side, Riding for BTB was Daniel Fitzgibbons, Wes Hadzor, and my new hurried alias ‘Randy Hadzer’ that’s what happens when fitz sleeps in and you have negative 3 minutes to register for the race.

any how, it was a blast and i googled the race looking for pictures and found :
Some pictures on a blog!

Check out that blog link to see pictures, there are some good falls at the steep down hill hard right turn spot… and one of eric making his own path, and one of me suitcasing like the michelin man.

What you are doing this weekend.

This weekend beginning at 9:15 they will be serving up cyclocross at Ommegang. Bicycling and belgian beers, you know you don’t have anything to do, so come out and watch.

It’s like road racing… for the woods.

So anyway, come on out it’s Cooperstown, if you can’t find diversions at the brewery there are plenty of fun filled activities for the whole family in the quaint region of NY:
the farmers museum
the baseball hall of something
there’s a lake (you can swim in it)
there’s restaurants and stores (to buy your forgiveness from your significant other after you may have over indulged at the brewery)
fenimore art museum
glimmerglass state park

Ch-ch-check out the schedule. Both Randy and I will be in the Citizens/cat4 race, then I will be in the cat3/4 race, then Randy will potentially be racing in the single speed bonanza of speed.

Then stick around to watch the really fast guys and hell why not enjoy some adult beverages and post race festivities. Bring your bicycle and extra clothes so you can get dirty, play in the mud, and have fun.