spring is coming.


Get in ‘yer fat bicycle riding while   you can…

45NRTH – RIDE GROOMED from 45NRTH on Vimeo.

That clean, beautiful, powder is going to turn to sloppy, muddy, mush on your trails and  salty, wet, and filth on the roads… and you guessed it.. us and our bicycles road/cx/mountain/hybrid/cruiser/singlespeed/whatever .. we’ll be covered in it all, grinning ear to ear.

Squeek in one last fat bike race this weekend in Winona Forest with the IditaFAT Bike Race:


As the weather flip flops the local cycling and multisport clubs are having a show down at the Spring Fling, season wrap up event at the co-sponsored Winter Training Facility. Onondaga Cycling Club versus the CNY Triathlon club for the first ever Time Trial Wars.

Time Trial Wars

Individuals and 3 person teams will compete via computrainer on 20 minute efforts.. should be a blast.. so get your competitive compainions and sign up to rep’ yer club!

More info : cnytriathlon.org/community/spring-fling/

go! 2015:01 ~1h15m

Trying something new here.

Each week, for a little while at least, we’ll be posting a ‘curated’ playlist of videos from the internet   to add to your arsenal of entertainment. The playlists are intended to   help pass the time while riding   bicycles inside.  The videos are basically hand picked  from the videos we’ve watched, while training inside, but weeding out the ones that totally sucked…

They are mostly about cycling.. perhaps with a few wild cards mixed in.

We’re  thinking we’ll post them up each week on Sunday afternoon, so that y’all can have them to use during the week as needed.

Let us know what you think, what you like, dislike, or if you have other videos that you think we should check out!

Work hard, have fun!